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Here at Tutolabskids, we care about sending school students on amazing journeys where they can live, feel, share, and learn. And we care about doing it well.

Meet our friendly team.

We challenge, push ourselves and learn along the way. With the projects we work on, the trips we enjoy, we’ll never stop growing.
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We are different.

We organize trips around the world, during which kids learns to achieve ever-higher goals, improve their academic performance but also to improve emotional intelligence. We create an environment in which kids can live, feel, share, and learn.

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Everything we do - we do it the best.

We realized that self-education, self-knowledge and career development are essential for every student. Therefore, the practical training provided by Tutolabs is always based on both personal and work experience.

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Our trips helps kids to act differently from "everyone," and encourage the breaking of the common stereotypes created by society.
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